Celebrating their saison collaboration are (left to right) Wicked Weed brewer Charlie Moore; 7 Clans co-owner Morgan Owle-Crisp; 7 Clans creative director Lauronda Morrow; Wicked Weed brewmaster Joe Pawelek, and 7 Clans head brewer Matt Norman.

FORBES: North Carolina Brewery Salutes Its Cherokee Heritage

Tribe member Morgan Owle-Crisp knows that Cherokee history and culture aren’t linked to beer. Nevertheless, she expresses her Native American identity and roots in a North Carolina brewery she founded. “I was inspired to use indigenous ingredients in brewing, along with sharing my personal Cherokee perspective and honoring the oral tradition of storytelling,” says Owle-Crisp, the owner of 7 Clans Brewing, which opened a taproom in Asheville last year and collaborated with renowned local brewer Wicked Weed Brewing to produce a saison called “We’re Still Here.”

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View from Kuwohi, or “Mulberry Place”

Restore “Kuwohi” to mountain presently known as Clingmans Dome

THE ISSUE: The Tribal Council of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has unanimously supported a resolution to restore the name Kuwohi to the mountain presently known as Clingman’s Dome. We have the opportunity to help the Eastern Band of the Cherokee by supporting this effort. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names has the authority to change the name of this mountain. This board does take into consideration what neighbors and local leaders think about a proposed name change. By adding your name to this petition, it will be included with our application.


MAY 26, 2022:

In keeping with the tradition of women within indigenous cultures having a close association to nature, as culture keepers, and the backbone of community, “Wherever We Are” Hazy IPA is a nod to honoring and celebrating their culture and heritage in everyday life on the Qualla Boundary and beyond. Made in collaboration with WICKED WEED BREWING, this hazy IPA was brewed using beets, honey, and muscadine. As a part of Wicked Weed’s “Beers that Build” series, proceeds will benefit Ernestine Walkingstick Shelter, serving women on the Qualla boundary.

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MARCH 8, 2022:

In honor of International Women’s Day, 7 Clans Brewing’s inaugural collaboration beer with HIGHLAND BREWING, The Queen’s Saison, is being tapped at our sister brewery, Frog Level Brewing (as well as both Highland Brewing locations). We are celebrating women and female leadership – and are proud of our very own indigenous female-owned owner, Morgan Owle-Crisp!

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Asheville Citizen Times, December 28, 2021:

“In the spring, 7 Clans Brewing will open its first taproom at 108* Sweeten Creek Road in Asheville. The opening is projected for March or April 2022. After renovations, the building will have an intimate taproom with nearly 1,200 square feet inside.”

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*CORRECTION: Address for new taproom is 66 Sweeten Creed Road.